Classes & Seminars

ShakespeareThrough the classes and seminars held at the library, you can:
  • Appreciate the genius of Shakespeare
  • Discover the hidden depths of film making
  • Feel the pulse of the inspired poet
  • Take a guided tour through literature, film, and history
  • Trace the development of the short story
  • View history in a whole new light
Each quarter, the library offers six to eight week seminars on a variety of literary topics, with each spring being reserved for the study of Shakespeare's plays being performed at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival that summer. These affordable classes are always insightful, but casual, and are taught by seasoned and knowledgeable teachers.

Call the library at 503-682-2744 to reserve your spot.

Winter 2015:
Talking Heads of the Printed Page
J. Ehrstine
What are essays? Everybody who is anybody has written at least one of them. Where did they come from? What are their characteristics? Why are they important? 

Find out as Professor John Ehrstine uses the works of universally admired writers (and maybe a hack or two?) to explore the wide variety of subject matter and style of modern essays. 

The material chosen will touch upon a variety of fields, history, education, politics, and so forth. Lively and informative, Professor Ehrstine‚Äôs seminars have been very popular and highly regarded. Seating is limited, so sign-up early to reserve your seat. 

Ages: High School through Adult
Dates: Wed. 1/21 - 3/11
Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Location: Oak Room
Fee: $40 for class series
Text available for purchase at a discount.

Beginning Genealogy
M. Laughton
New to genealogy research or just want to refresh your knowledge?  This is the class for you.

We will cover the essentials of genealogy research: getting started, record keeping, and print & digital resources.

Ages: High School through Adult
Date: Sun. 1/25
Time: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Location: Oak Room
Fee: No Charge