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The library staff are very grateful to those who donate their books and other materials. Thoughtful supporters have added wonderful and highly prized books, videos, and other materials to our collection. Other materials have been sold to benefit the library at our in-house bookstore or traded for items the library needs.

While the library accepts most donations, staff appreciate your cooperation in limiting certain material donations, as follows:

We especially like…

We prefer that you keep…

recently published (i.e. <5 years old) books Reader’s Digest Condensed Books. (If you’d like to purchase any more, however, we have an overflowing box in the lobby @ 20/$1.00. Please buy more and ask for a quantity discount!)
books in good condition, with dust covers materials that have an "earthy" smell. (Great for truffles, not so hot for books!)
videos (Alas, due to copyright restrictions, they must be the store-bought variety, not homemade.) large amounts of magazines, especially 10 year old ones. Keep them nice for another 50 years and we may get interested!
CDs (music or CD-ROM) old college textbooks, especially those which are copiously highlighted and underlined.
DVDs brittle, fragile, yellowing, or damaged books.
audiobooks (books on tape or CD) highly specialized books and journals. (e.g. Peoria Hog Farming Quarterly (Spring 1958); High Carbon Steel Manufacture via Boron Transfer Doping Processes)
volunteer labor "bestsellers" of times long past.
monetary donations 8 track tapes

Fear not, many of the types of materials we must reject can gloriously live again as a truly useful product—cardboard! Ask your curbside recycling company for details.

We have a hand truck and a varying assortment of strong backs to help you and your donations in from the parking lot. Please ask at the desk.

Also, please don’t forget to count the number of paperbacks and hardcover books you are donating, so we can write an accurate tally on your tax deductible donation slip.

You may also purchase materials for us at our discounted rate; ask us for details. We can also special order books for your to buy for yourself (with a smaller discount).

Thank you very much for your continued thoughtfulness and generosity!

Last updated: 8/29/2011 9:47:54 AM